Burgoyne's Cove Berg

She’s gone now. Well, she was almost gone when I last saw her, so I’m pretty sure she’s gone now. She was the last, perfectly white iceberg near Burgoyne’s Cove, Newfoundland.  Now, I can’t be certain there weren’t more that sidled up to the rocky shore, to melt away after I spied her, but she was the last one I’ll see this season, I bet. She was as classy as the rest of them I’d seen this year. Quiet, gleaming from the sun, she had such poise. She was ten thousand and eighty-nine years old. The last eighty-nine had taken the good out of her and she was ready to fade, in the sultry summer heat. Thanks for letting us admire you for so long, ‘ol gal.  If you have a minute, a little less than a minute, actually, here’s a video tribute to that crisp, cool beauty. Here she is now, ladies and gentlemen, that belle of the bay, the Burgoyne’s Cove Berg.

VIDEO: http://youtu.be/eeS2f6gVi-c

Rove on,