Ecuadorian Dessert Plate Magic

Presentation is everything. That is clearly one of the rules by which Chef Juan lives. Juan is chef/owner of Tiesto's Restuarant in Cuenca, Ecuador. But, if he wasn't in the restaurant business, I'm sure Chef Juan could be a famous painter. Juan transforms plain white dessert plates into works of art. 

As if a mouthful of chocolate, ice cream, cake or pie isn't satisying enough after one of Tiesto's unforgettable main courses, Chef Juan makes the extra effort to decorate your dessert plate with beautiful images more worthy of walls. His tool? A paintbrush, of course. His paint? Sugary sauces and berry mixtures that you can't help but want to lick right off the plate. Watch as he magically makes an image of a Cañari indigenous woman of Cuenca.

And then, one of the sweetest sights in Ecuador, the hummingbird.

These are the kinds of details that turn a meal into an experience for a tourist. Tiesto's was a treat for the tastebuds and the belly, to be sure, but it was the creative eye candy that I truly savoured. 

Until next time,

Rove on.