Leaving The Station


And, we’re off! This is the first time I’ve set out on this kind of journey; a trip into cyberspace. The vehicle? A travel blog, a blog I hope will introduce you to fellow travellers and photographers, expat Newfoundlanders and Labradorians and stunning and intriguing places all over the world.  

Personally, I’ve had the travel bug since I was only about the size of a carry-on. My parents are to blame. They didn’t sit still very much and I tagged along wherever they went. Sometimes we’d go far, sometimes it was just a car ride up the southern shore to the cabin. It didn’t matter where, really. What they were looking for then, and what I now constantly crave is simple: a change of scene. New stuff to look at, new people to chat with, new roads to manoeuvre or new spaces to wander. A chance to be a new land explorer, a Terra Nova Rover. 

From Makkovik to Miami, from Embree to Ecuador, from New Perlican to New Zealand and lots of places in between, the best experiences of my life have been travelling and I know there are lots of you who share that feeling. So, come on, let’s unfold a map and have a chat about where you’ve been or where you’d like to go, what you’ve seen or your best advice on how to get there.  Pack your bag full of stories and memories and get on board. 

Until next time, rove on. 

Blog Host, Jane Adey

Blog Host, Jane Adey